Manufacture Strength

Manufacturing surgical instruments require precision, commitment, and continuous research. This is strongly integrated with production using state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified personnel that collectively turn every instrument into a unique product. Our process begins with the selection of highly qualitative and efficient stainless steel which is then fabricated using precision machines. This is followed by hardening using vacuum furnace, through to final inspection according to respective International standards, experienced craftsman and specialist guarantees benchmark quality, seeking unique customer requirements. These are amongst the best techniques being used at ENDO-TECH.

Our vision before and now is to manufacture qualitative instruments, working hand in hand with doctors. Associating reliable, durable and hygienic instruments which are to be used freely and confidently in hospitals and clinics around the globe. Today, we aim to lead as an acting enterprise for the manufacturing, distribution, and development of medical instruments. The secret lies in the enthusiasm of our human power, who seek overpowering desire to serve humankind.

The backbone for all our measures and endeavors is our customer. Their demands, unique criteria and furthermore assistance is a daily challenge for us. We here at ENDO-TECH are not prepared to compromise when it comes to meeting our customer’s expectations. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. It enhances our flexibility and is a significant task for every member here. A close relationship with our customers is reflected in the dynamic nature of our product portfolio. Allowing continuous product update, research, and development into production techniques and expansion on the edge of technical development.

Our progressive warehouse guarantees expeditious delivery times. Our customer-oriented inventory system allows continuous structuring and improving. Improvising to react in a flexible and timely manner to meet the demands of our customers with respect to guaranteed time frame. It is often a long way before our goods reach their final destination from our stock control. We do our utmost that our customer’s order arrives in time and is according to the utmost standards and entire satisfaction.